Fukuoka: Food Experience

When traveling, I do not forget about food. Food is one of the most important things that I pay attention to when seeing places. Whenever I travel, I keep on looking for food. Food was awesome in Fukuowa because there was food everywhere.

Blanquette de Veau

As I kept wandering, I came across French foods in Hiramatsu Hakata Restaurant. Because of this restaurant, I learned to like French Foods like Blanquette de Veau and Hachis Parmentier. I would like to go back to this restaurant. Maybe, there will be a different taste when I taste a French chef’s cook.

Ever since I was young, I like sushi so much because sushi is a global cuisine. When I came here, sushi was very different. Perhaps because, I ate it form its origin. The Yamanaka Restaurant has the most delicious sushi in Kyushu (for me).

Yoshizuka Unagiya gives delicate taste of grilled unagi. This restaurant is the best restaurant for grilled fish. When I was there, it was filled with many people so it was a little bit inconvenient for me but after I tasted the unagi, I could understand why the area is crowded.

Ramen! Ramen is a must-have food in the world, I supoose! I miss the Ichiran Ramen. It is is the best ramen in the east. I would like to make one for me but I cannot imitate the taste. Sad to say I cannot make it.

Hakata Miyachiku offers amazing taste of beef. I really do not want to forget its taste. I ordered for take out because it’s very delicious.

Maruko Kitchen does not lose among Chinese Restaurants. I like their service and food.

If you want to go out early in the morning or in cold times, after thinking deeply, Starbucks coffee is not new to you. It’s available in Fukuoka.