Culture: Japanese People are Culture Oriented

Japanese people just like other nations around the world are culture oriented and they never neglect even a single of their culture. Otherwise, they defy their ancestors. According to statistics, they are the ones whose culture is unbreakable is not defeated by other culture. There is egocentrism in the country to this very day. Of course, carrying your own culture is pretty respectable so if you love your own culture, it just proves what kind of people you are. This is why Japan is a strong nation.

Even if their culture seems trivial in people’s eyes, they are very proud to bear their culture wherever they go. The most important thing to understand about culture oriented is that this bind the country and this will help them to acknowledge each other so that they can be one in mind. However, there are still people who are ethnocentric but when it comes to helping their neighbour, they fail to do so. There is advantage and disadvantage of being ethnocentric.

Even if Japanese have this kind of culture, they still welcome other nationalities in their country. They do not neglect helping them also when they are in trouble. Will there be a time when some of their cultures break down? Probably none. Heaven will pass away before their culture breaks down. It is the same in other countries. All of us bear our nationality but not all of us have the ethnocentric culture and mind. This kind of culture is not deteriorating in Japan until now.