Japan food introduction: Learning the sushi food termilonologies

The Japanese food sushi is very famous and many chefs and anyone who are interested around the world have prepared them and cooked them. They are very delicious and there are varieties of it so you will surely enjoy them. When you visit Japan, please try them all if you have a chance and you will not regret it. It is a dish that many restaurants in Japan served and also in the street market. Let us see the terminologies in the following very nice infographic.

It is a complete guide about sushi terminologies. It is nice if you learn them so you can be able to know what to order and what request you will make for your set of sushi meals. It is recommended also if you will know the different table manners so you will not offend anyone. Many rules are about using the chopsticks. There are rules you must learn about them like do not use them to point at anything or anyone. Also, do not put the chopsticks on the table but on your plate or holders.

Back to the sushi, I prefer the ones that are wrapped in seaweed. Whenever I travel to Japan I always eat sushi in different varieties at different travel times so I can try all. In the infographic, you can learn the numbers from one to ten so you can try to use it when you are there so you can get used to it and be comfortable. The world of business has been engaging into the world of digital marketing strategy. Every businessman SEO and no wonder that their business really grow fast. That is why many today are into online marketing services in promoting their product.