The 16 Asian Countries Food Guide Checklist

Asia has also its own tradition and expertise about food that they have their own kind of food cooking and preparation. In some neighboring countries, they have similar food like kimchi that is not only served and done in Korea. When you travel to a place, one that you should not miss is to try their cuisine that is surely unique to that country. When you also visit the Asian countries, they have their own food to offer. Let us ss it in the infographic below.

Just seeing the list and pictures of the food makes me want to eat. I listened about the food of India which is the chapati. I have not been to India so I have not yet tried eating it. they say it is delicious and it is a common food to the residents. I like food that has more vegetables in it so I like to go to a Korean restaurant where they serve vegetables and also their specialty of kimchi. I do not like it before but now I can already eat it.

I am not much a fan of eating not common food like the insects of Thailand. I think I want to try the stinky tofu as the way they cook tofu here is different. I want to try the Malaysian food that is in the infographic. Visit their weblink. It seems really delicious but I think I will not accept the Korean food challenge that is eating live octopus.